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1- I don´t jumpor benji.

2- I don´t travel by airplane.

3- I don`t have kids.

4- I don´t graduate.

1- I want to go a cruiser.

2- I want to go to las vegas.

3- nI want to be millonare.

4- I want to get married.

What does he look like? uni 9

Karl: So, Clarice What ___are___ (1) you ___been____ (2) up to lately?
Clarice: Oh, well . . . I ___try______ (3) a new restaurant ___last____ (4) week. The _____classical_______Cafe (5)
_Have_____ (6) you ever been ____there____(7)?
Karl: No, I ____haven´t______(8). ______what´s______(9) it like?
Clarice: It’s ____wonderfull__________!(10) The _____food_____, (11) is great and the ______prices__(12) are reasonable. But the most ____interesting_________ (13) thing is the _____waitress_______.(14) They ___sing_______!(15)
Karl: The waiters sing! You’re _kidding______________.(16)
Clarice: No, They’re really terrific.
Karl: ___I___(17) got to go there.
Clarice: Yeah, you ____should______, (18) Karl. And what about you? __Have____(29) you ____done__(20) anything
interesting lately?
Karl:Oh, well, I ____went_____(21) mountain climbing last moth.
Clarice: Really? I’ve _____never___ (22) done that!
Karl: Well, I was in Switzerland
Clarice: You went mountain climbing in Switzerland?
Karl: Yeah. It ____was___(23) really exciting! Of course, it was ______________dangerous____, (24) but I enjoyed it a lot.
Clarice: Wow! I’m impressed

4. Listen to the conversation and select the best answer to the question. 1:04

1. Joyce’s home town is
a. really big
b. really interesting
c. really small******

2. She thinks It’s
a. really neat
b. really boring******
c. really energetic

3. Joyce’s hometown doesn’t have
a. good restaurants******
b. good houses
c. good people
4. People love Joyce’s hometown because
a. It’s very expensive and ugly.
b. it’s fairly cheap and pretty******.
c. It’s small and boring.

5. Joyce’s hometown is a great place to go
a. Hiking in the summer and swimming in the winter******.
b. Skiing in the winter and playing baseball in the summer.
c. Hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter.

Name of the City: Maracaibo

What’s your city like?
My city is situaded to the east of the country. It have rivers and a big lake. The temperature it`s always in 35º.

Is it a interest place.
It`s interesting by the one of the most largest bridges in the world, the lake, the people and the most important thing in their petroleum.

Is it very Big?
No, it is not very big.

Is it safe?
No, It is not safe. Because there are too many thieves in the city.

Is it clean?
Yes, it is. It`s the first clean city in Venezuela.

Is it very expensive?
On the Malls the things are expensive, but on the PoumTown are very cheap. Not just for the clothes it`s in everything in the food, electronics, etc.

What`s the night life like?
Maracaibo have a great night life. You can go to Mi Vaquita, Mi Ternerita, if you want to eat you can go to Te con Tè, Asaos Grill, etc., and you can go by Taxy.

What´s the weather like?
The temperature and the climate is climate is always dry and hot.

Do you like it there?
Yes, I enjoy to live here

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